About Us

artac-tuelHi, my name is Artac Tuel and this is my company. I immigrated to Mississauga from Turkey in 2005 with loving wife Sezi and our three beautiful children. In Turkey, I had always worked as a plumber but had never had any formal training. When I came to Canada, I was granted the opportunity to get formal training and start my own business. Ever since then, I have been the proudest Canadian you can be.

I take pride in the fact that I come from humble beginnings and now have a loving family and a successful business. I believe that all success comes from hard work and opportunity. When I was granted the opportunity, I seized it and will continue doing so until the day I am no longer able.

I am proud to state that we are now a company of over 15 employees, each and every one of them are special people whom I love dearly.

I have read the “about us” pages on many other companies and couldn’t help but feel that I didn’t know any more about them after having read them. I hope that you see this personal approach as an honest person extending his hand to another. I put my name out there, because I stand behind the work we do. Your satisfaction is our guarantee. I look forward to working for you.