Hiring A Mississauga Plumber

I want to include my advice for hiring a plumber. Of course every person has their own requirements, so this is not a biased approach. These are the basics that every plumber whom you may potentially hire should have.

  1. Ask the plumber if they are licensed.
    Believe me, I agree that helping out the small guy is a good thing. I would always prefer to help someone directly rather than hire a big company, but at the end of the day, if you have an unlicensed plumber working on your home, the consequences can be drastic.
  2. Ask if there are any hidden fees.
    Sometimes a plumber will quote you a rate and then after the job tell you that it’s an hourly rate. Or they will tell you the base rate but won’t include all of the hidden fees. I hate that I work in an industry where this is almost common practice however it is a fact. Make sure you know before they begin working.
  3. Ask if they clean up the mess they make.
    When doing plumbing, if I didn’t have to worry about cleaning up the mess, I would take much fewer precautions and be able to charge less. However, I know that when you hire me, you expect not only the problem to be resolved but for your home to be in good condition when I am done. Make sure the people you hire aren’t cutting corners and leaving you in a bigger mess then when they started.
  4. What happens if something breaks?
    This is very important because a lot of plumbers might not be bonded and insured. Even if they are, they may try and ask you if they can replace any broken items themselves. It’ very seldom we break anything, but life is unpredictable. If we do break something in your home, we simply ask you to replace it and show us the receipt. We will refund you within 24 hours.
  5. Ask them who is going to do the work.
    Lots of plumbing companies will sub contract the work and you won’t even know who is doing the work on your home. This can cause many headaches in the event that something breaks or that the job has complications and the inexperienced plumber doesn’t know what to do. By asking them who will perform the work, you can avoid this situation.

By following the above five steps, you can make sure you hire a reputable plumber.


Artac Tuel